About Us

About us

Al-Waafi Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd

Al-Waafi Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd was established in 2021 with a vision to be a prominent industry of manufacturing and marketing meat and its products. The company is led by Mr Wazir Qureshi, who is the founder of the company and has an experience of 35+ years in the meat industry. We manufacture and market meat and meat products without compromising on quality and hygiene thus bringing health to the world through food.

Our stern quality checks and accordance with production standards ensure phenomenally healthy and fresh meat that is deep, rich and flavorful. We also retain integrated hygienic plants in the factories that have comprehensive assimilated systems, starting from handling healthy livestock, to complete processing of the meat. The company has also invested in its own packaging material plants to warrant quick delivery and control of food-grade packaging material.

We have built up an ideal, clean and sanitized space for frozen meat and other food products. All our machinery, production units and storage areas are approved under the compulsory licensing of the Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) Registered no. 231, Ministry of Commerce (MOC) and Government of India (GOI). as well as ‘Halal’ slaughtering procedure as per Islamic Law under supervision of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind (JUHF) and certified by the Veterinary Health Department.


Our goal is to grow by upholding a rigid approach towards quality which includes a determined drive, an insistent dedication and a determined delivery standard in every aspect of the business to become the leading exporter in the meat processing industry retaining better by-product utilization value addition and also maintaining better hygiene and safety of the products.


Our vision is to be a preeminent and top food organization in India and a leading exporter of meat and meat products in the world that are hygienic, have higher nutritive value, and longer shelf-life for our valuable clients. Being the finest means supplying excellent quality products by setting higher standards for ourselves and being determined persistently to accomplish them.


We are engrossed in being a sustainable organization and deploying our way of life of development to develop a better world. Our essence of sustainability is the steady magnitude of movement to fortify our business.


1. Quality & Consistency in production
2. Upgrading through development and innovation
3. Ensuring the Safety & Hygiene of personnel and place
4. Keeping up the Moral business practices